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Watch Honda Accord Owner Reviews

This video contains the highlights of the full-length owner reviews linked below. Owners demonstrate how they use their Accord and their favorite features. Learn which other vehicles they considered, why they decided to buy Honda Accord and are still glad they did.


When I saw it, I fell in love with it immediately. It's the biggest car in its class, interior-wise. The new accord is a sportier feel. You set it, and it goes into drive immediately. It illuminates what gear it's in. To have a few different looks. You have some warnings when you start approaching, this is great for backing it into the garage. Just as we're ready to back up we have someone walking in. Please fasten driver's seat belt. And it reminds you to put the seat belt on. I have become so enthralled with the heads up display, which is an information system for me, without taking my eyes off, putting them down on the dash. It reminds me more of an aircraft cockpit than anything. The integration of Apple CarPlay really helps on our long trips. Navigation of course. All of the other cars in this class, their screen and their controls are much smaller, and much more difficult to get to. You've got two seat selections, my wife has one of her own so when she gets ready to drive the car, all she has to do is press her button and it resets to her. It does everything they said it would do. Reliable, it's Honda. I call it my responsible sporty vehicle. It performs beyond anything I expected. Performs beyond anything I expected. A lot quicker. Because the sport (mode) and the ten-speed (transmission). I'm in sport mode now, so the light assembly up here turns red. I'm on the fly and I can change it to a sport (mode) feature. So we go to sport mode. And if I need to have a little bit of extra power. You can really hear the gear up, gear down. It can kick in pretty quickly. It's got great acceleration. The lane departure warning came on, flashed up on my heads up display and also kind of directed me back over to where I needed to be. The other thing that the aAccord had that the Camry didn't have was the slope and the slant of the windows gives you a little bit better 360 view. There's no stick here. Without the gear shift knob here. So it's all 10-speed, push button, park, reverse, neutral, drive. It's so quiet and easy, I don't recognize the number of gears, actually this transmission is going through. This (paddle) is the gear-up ,gear-down. We have the dual-climate controls. I can make it colder on my side, versus my wife's side. The adaptive cruise-control is the coolest thing ever. To keep you safe. It keeps you a safe distance. It has automatic brake control. You've got lane-keep assist here. It tries to keep you safe. You set the distance that you're comfortable with. It slows the vehicle down, you feel it in the steering wheel and there's a flashing orange light right here. I've gotten more comments and compliments that, that's a Honda? The fuel economy here on this car right now is at 34.1 as an average. The trunk is incredible, I can fit all the baseball gear and stuff in there. And you increase the overall (space), it goes into the cabin. You have the pass-through, the other seat tilts down as well. You have enough room to have comfort, and passengers, even on long trips. Fortunately Honda is a very economically priced car. So I just got everything (options) they had. It doesn't feel like I compromised, so to speak, to have a lower trim level, than the upper trim level. I know from trading in several Hondas, when it comes time to trade it in, the value is there. Our insurance rates were actually lower because the residual value is going to be much, much higher in three to five years. A car switched lanes in front of me, and automatically, it started just going down on the speed. Before I could react, the car was reacting. It's got the LED light, the fog lights as well as the front lamps are all LED. I think they're actually LED lights, not the halogen lights. Econ-mode, and sport-mode. Change it to Sport, it almost gives you a new dash. What your system looks like, then you have the Econ (mode). But if you put it back on the economy (mode). Which is more the economical fuel efficient. And it also goes to a green set up there. With a couple of young boys over 6=feet, we needed room in the back seat. I like the seat to be back, and you can tell I've got plenty of room for big guys. And the three of them can easily fit back here. The sport comes with the outer leather and then a cloth inlay. I've got it all. I've really enjoyed the vehicle. As long as a car can meet or beat my expectations, how can I go wrong?


Watch Honda Civic Owner Reviews

This video contains the highlights of the full-length owner reviews linked below. Owners demonstrate how they use their Civic and their favorite features. Learn why they decided to buy Honda Civic and are still glad they did.


I wanted something that was exciting and fuel efficient. This is my third Honda. I love Honda. And I've just really appreciated the quality and the, number one, reliability. Fun to drive on a day to day basis. I think Honda is a practical, fun, comfortable car to have. It's something that also looks good. Plus, it's a lot of fun to drive. (It's) fuel-efficient. Everybody loves that, right? You have a nicer radio, Apple CarPlay. More bang for the buck. You can see the backup camera. You can also change it to give me a more wider look. You've got this wide angle here and an even wider angle here.Or just a straight forward look, from above. That's probably half a block away. It shifts like a dream. I enjoy my Honda, enjoy my drive. It's showing me what's in my blind-spot, as I'm turning right. Put my turning signal on, shows me my blind-spot on the dash, let's me know I'm good to go. I believe Honda is the only one who does have that blind-spot camera. Heading onto the tollway, and you're on an on-ramp, you have, you can almost, like that, get up to speed. Very smooth on handling. Very smooth on handling. Gives you a good, little red button right here. Everything you need to operate the car, in terms of electronics, is all right here on the steering wheel. Your 7-inch screen. You can get information on here, you can hook up to your phone, you've got other settings. Easy controls, you have your Air Conditioning temperature level right here. It'll pop-up my Apple phone, with my Messages, my Spotify, Pandora. Honda-Link, connects to your smartphone. This is literally like my phone right here. It's pretty intuitive, it works really well. And it has heated seats, which is handy in winter-time, front and rear defrost. It's actually the first Civic to actually give you heated seats. Intermittent wipers, and of course the sunroof, which both vents and slides all the way back. You get a lot of spa ce in the back, very roomy. It looks like a hatchback but (trunk) pops right open, you've got a fair amount of space in there, the seats do fold (down). You get enough space, you're not all scrunched up if you have someone sitting next to you or if three people are sitting back here. And this seat is all the way back too. You can just pop the car (baby) seat in and out. They're amazed at how comfortable and how much room is in it. Quick and easy. I like the styling, love the wheels. It's got the performance and handling that appeals to me. The Si, has both a handling package and comes with a six-speed manual (transmission). With the Civic Si, you get the short-shift six-speed. You get a nicer exhaust, you get a center-exit exhaust. It's got a sport-mode in it. (You) get a different grill, more of an aggressive grill. And a high-performance engine. You have the spoiler, to give it a little bit of a unique styling cue as compared to the other Civics. You get this new taillight. It's got the upgraded tires, the low-profile handling tires and the larger wheels which all adds to performance. I did do my best to baby it but of course, the car, wasn't meant to be babied. (It's) got a sport-mode on this, you know, give it a little boost. Two hundred and five horsepower as compared with the one hundred and seventy-ish horsepower on the other Civic Turbos. And when you put on the Sport, which I just turned on. It'll definitely tighten it up. You can feel it stiffen up a little bit on the turns. Makes you feel like you have a lot more control of the car. And that resonates through the steering wheel as well. so you get more road feel in sport-mode. Brings out the inner-race car driver in you. Well the seats are bolstered for performance and they'll hold you in place for cornering. It's a comfortable car to drive. It's fun. It's techie. Full digital  cluster there. Right now I have it for it to show my speed limit and my range of fuel. You have a few different modes you can actually select. Just clicking the setting button and it goes from. Such as G-forces, your brake measurements, a different RPM gauge, music, it also gives you a turbo-gauge, which is pretty cool. Right here we have the brake hold, which is a cool and neat feature. If I come to a complete stop, I can let my foot off the gas and I'll have my car stopped. Soon as it turns green, I just have to tap on the gas, and I'll start going. It's very quiet. You do get more space in the back, a good amount of leg-room back there. It's economical and a lot of fun and really gives you that driver's experience. Very comfortable to drive. Not only is it economical. Beautiful, very beautiful. But it's also a lot of fun to drive. I feel like it's knocking it out of the ball-park. And that's really what it's about, having fun driving. This is probably the best Honda Civic I've ever seen. Price-point, quality, reliability; it was an easy choice.


Watch Honda CR-V Owner Reviews

This video contains the highlights of the full-length owner reviews linked below. Owners demonstrate how they use their CR-V and their favorite features. Learn which other vehicles they considered and why they decided to buy Honda CR-V and are still glad they did.


I like the size, the roominess of the interior, having a little extra cargo room for stuff. I just fell in love with the CR-V, it's the right size for me. It was just the right fit for where we are now. The backup cameras, I've very quickly become dependent on those. There's the digital display, the miles per hour. It does sit up a little higher, you have a better view of the road. (I) feel a little taller and I feel I can see around other cars a little better. It feels big inside, but the outside doesn't. Low and behold, when I got the CR-V, I have that too. I like that smooth look. The two settings for the driver's seat. I can set it the way I like, he can set it the way he likes. You can measure how much gas you have. There you go. That was pretty great. And I'm one of those people who needs a Nav (navigation) package. This is my third CR-V. I just fell in love with them. When you walk out the door and see your car, you should be happy. When you get finished, you take it out, close this up, and it seals it off. You don't have to worry about the gas coming out, you don't have to worry about getting gas on your hands. We were moving stuff from Home Depot this weekend so we put the seats down to slide everything in. First of all, it's so smooth. It's comfortable to drive and it's smooth. I drive from McKinney to Dallas to work every day. It's got the blind=spot monitoring in both the side-view mirrors, which is great. You know, you don't know when they're going to stop, so you know, I've been saved many times with that feature. It didn't skid, it didn't hydroplane. I mean it's almost like stopping on a dime. 75 had spots that were flooded and it handled that, no problem. You lose visibility when the water hits the windshield but the car just keeps going. To me, there's so many new things. It's showing you different options there. This I love. You actually do like your thermometer at home, you can set your thermostat on how hot or how cold you want it. This will raise up. In my normal running around I'm averaging close to 30 miles to the gallon. I like nooks and crannies. For the parking brake, it sits here. And it's a pull-up, you push down to release. And then this is a brake-hold. I can fit a lot of grocery bags back in the back. It's very roomy, very comfortable. You can either pull it with this lever and it goes down automatically. We've taken a couple of road -trips in it and even after four hours in the car, it's still comfortable. You can go from the inside, and just pull this lever, and it goes down automatically. It just rides smoother, you don't feel the road as much. You don't hear the road as much. Feel almost like I'm floating on air. The seats are nicer, the front seats are more comfortable. It just rides really smooth. This feels twice as big inside as the (2016) '16 does. And you can feel the acceleration is smooth. It doesn't ever hesitate. It fits just about anywhere. Easy to park, it slides right into the parking spaces. The three (CR-Vs) that I've had, they just get better and better every time.


Watch Honda Pilot Owner Reviews

This video contains the highlights of the full-length owner reviews linked below. Owners demonstrate how they use their Pilot and their favorite features. Learn why they decided to buy Honda Pilot and are still glad they did.


I love this car, this might be my third one. My number one reason was visibility when I was driving my grandkids. I love my Pilot, love it. I know I'm not a soccer mom anymore but with the grandkids. The inside is incredibly spacious. And you drive on these Dallas roads, get on 75, and I want protection. I was comparing this one to a Ford Explorer and the inside of the Explorer is nothing compared to this one. Safety is my number one issue. So to get good looks at the same time, is great. It's nice and stylish. I am a teacher, and I work on the west side of Plano. Is this not worth its weight in gold? It takes me a good 35, 40 minutes of driving in the morning; it's a comfortable ride. You can see all the different views. If you want to get farther back to the line, or back farther that way, or up, so it gives you all your surroundings. (I use) CarPlay and call a friend of mine and we just chat all the way to work. There you go, you get to see my turn signal (camera) again, which is my favorite part. Get back in the car, call her up, we chat on the way back. I love the fact that I do not have to pull out that key. I have my key in my purse and it knows I'm number one. My seat adjusts perfectly to me. If my husband uses his key, he's number two and it does the perfect setting for him. So you can charge your phone here. And this outlet right here is for the Apple CarPlay. And these come down, and you're driving and it's easy to be comfortable. (It's) basically taking what's on your phone and it puts it on the screen. Great, great car. A little sporty, as well as being an SUV. It (tailgate) comes up nice, and I'm a soccer mom. It fits the big chairs and wagons and everything else; bags and balls. When I put my right turn signal on, I get to see everybody over here. It has a nice third row that has a lot of room. You're putting in your stuff from the grocery and you're protected from the rain. There' a lot of room in the back. That's the third row, right there. It's quiet. I don't have to gun it, it has so much power. I've got the economy button pushed, so you can see how it' green. Here we go, right up to speed. And that prevents me from making rabbit starts, so that helps with my gas mileage. Good get up and go, I usually will take it off of economy when I get on the highway though. And the gas mileage has been really good too. We've driven out to Tennessee, and it's a nice drive, it's a quiet drive. And it's been very easy to figure out where I'm going to go. Push the bu†ton, talk to Siri, tell Siri to call somebody, and it's all done through your phone. It'll have my saved ones and all the places I go all the time. Tell Siri, I need directions to... Your call history... and the directions will come up on the screen; via your phone. The fourteen year old daughter who is incredibly excited about the DVD player, we didn't have in our other Pilot. It (seat) pops right down. She really likes the fact that she can charge her phone in the back, that makes her incredibly happy. And you can see, already I have car seats in the car. Lots of leg room. It was so hard to clip in car seats in the other car that we had. This was a breeze. We can fit three adults back here quite comfortably. Oh, that (sunroof), this has been great. It's also got heated seats, very nice, I'm excited to use those in the winter. I mean it's the perfect size, it's not like a Chevy Tahoe, or Suburban, where you've got you know, you know, super big massive car. But it's also not small like a Ford Edge or the CR-V, I mean it's a good family car. Like I said, when you've got a fourteen year old daughter, it's nice to be able to fit teenagers in and be happy.


Watch Honda Ridgeline Owner Reviews

This video contains the highlights of the full-length owner reviews linked below. Owners demonstrate how they use their Ridgeline and their favorite features. Learn why they decided to buy Honda Ridgeline and are still glad they did.


She fell in love with it, so I ended up buying. I have driven pickup trucks for years. I've worn out four of them driving from here to Fort Worth. I've had probably every kind of make of truck. I had a 2011 Ridgeline. Just thought the styling was great, the functionality was great. It was very very reliable, had no problems with it. It's just a solid, solid vehicle. The all-wheel drive is good if you get of the road, get out on the dirt roads or something. You go to back up, you've got a wide angle view, which is good if you're backing out into and open area. Or if you're backing into a slot, you can focus it down. Or if you're trying to get to a precise spot, you put that dotted line, right there. And then a wide view that lets you see on either side. It feels more solid than other cars we've owned. Very quiet, very comfortable driving. The new ones look more like a truck now. You can carry quite a bit in it. I picked up twelve bags of mulch the other day and I had plenty of room left over. I soon as I turn on the blinker, you' see it (camera) look over into the right side, since I'm turning right. It just feels a lot more solid, it's more comfortable. Or a lane change for that matter, if I just push it up to make a lane change, I can see there's no cars over here. (It's_ very solid. Plenty of power when I'm getting on the freeway. This is what my dog likes. Yeah, the moonroof. He likes to go around town with me, so I go to the store, I tilt that up so it doesn't get to hot. You put your foot on the brake and hit the (start) button. You've got your video screen here. The navigation system is incredible. It connects to my iPhone. If there's was a traffic where it just slowed traffic, there would be little yellow dots all the way through here. Great sound system. If it was backed up real bad, like you do in rush hour traffic, they'd be red. You've got two different ways to get into it. I like the trunk. The tailgate swings away this way. It's unusual having a trunk in a truck. You've also got a compartment back here. You can put your golf clubs in there. You can use this as an ice chest, it's got a plug in the bottom of it. You can fill it with beer. A very unique design. It's something that's nice to be able to lock up. And then you've got a conventional tailgate, This way. It will keep the speed you select, or if it senses a car in front of you, it'll back off and match the speed. (It's) very quiet and has incredible acceleration. And then the Lane Keeoing System keeps you between lanes. If you get distracted, it'll steer right back into your lane. It'll push you back in the seat. (It) also has a sensor, if there's an object, and somebody walks in front of you, or a car stops suddenly, you'll get and alarm and a light that says Brake. And it will brake automatically. It drives very, very well, it handles well. It stops pretty quickly, it puts them on pretty firmly. You feel it right away. They're surprised that I'm on bluetooth in a vehicle because they can't hear any noise. I've got sensors on each side that tell me if I have a car in my blind-spot. It's very quiet. It's on right now. Dual climate controls. Of course which my wife likes. the voice navigation is something I'm still trying to get used to. Seat heaters, for each side. Voice prompt can be interrupted at any time. (The) steering wheel, it's heated as well. And that's great in the wintertime, I can tell you. You can hook you phone up to it and actually run some of your phone functions off the panel. If I'm driving down the road and I want to call my wife, I just tell it, call Liz. My phone is synched to this so if I get a call while I'm driving, I can answer on the pad here and talk through the speaker system. It'll haul a full sheet of plywood or as many sheets of plywood as I need. It's a 110-volt A/C outlet in here. So if you want to plug something in. The interior is all leather. Got plenty of room back here, you've got the nice leather seats, you've got a console that folds down. And right back down. Got room for four passengers. It'll seat three comfortable (back seat). It has its own air conditioning coming into the back and you can regulate the temperature  between the front and the back. The truck bed plays music. From what I understand, it's not speakers, it's a magnetic system. There's some magnets in there that project the music. This is the perfect compromise for somebody who drives around town, uses it for business around town but also needs to occasionally haul something. Good braking, the transmission shifts very easily, you don't even notice the shifting. It'll turn in a very short turn radius. (On the) highway, I get a little better mileage. I'm getting about 22 average (mpg). Around 26, 27 miles to the gallon. We've just enjoyed the comfort and the ability to talk with each other while we're driving without the wind noise drowning everything out. Navigation system, can't get lost with that. Tachometer on the left side, you've got the speedometer up on top, and then you've got your temperature gauge and your gas on the right. You've also got a panel in the middle that's selectable. It gives you the average fuel consumption. You'll get your next turn on there, it'll say, turn left in 1.2 miles. Check and see, for instance, what your gas mileage is running as you're going. You've also got a collision avoidance system and lane-keeping assistance. Your lane departure, a lot of safety features in here. I'm getting 22 miles to the gallon, mostly  around town driving. In a truck?! You won't get bored driving this thing. Honda has a great reputation, they've always taken real good care of us. We've owned Hondas for, oh gosh, twenty years now.


Watch Honda Odyssey Owner Reviews

This video contains the highlights of the full-length owner reviews linked below. Owners demonstrate how they use their Odyssey and their favorite features. Learn which other mini-vans they considered, why they decided to buy Honda Odyssey and are still glad they did.


We drove the Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, the Sienna, Tahoe, the Ford Explorer, the Lexus SUV, then a 4-Runner. It just has so many features that other vehicles don't have. I fell in love with it. It had more features, it did more, it got better gas mileage. Then, when I found out all the things it entails, I really fell in love with it. When I go to the grocery store, I can easily flip this up an put my groceries right down in here. We need it with 3 kids. So much storage back here. For tournament days, so we're able to put a bunch of stuff back here. And it loads my phone, there you go. Let's go for a ride. My favorite part. And I can back up, right through my narrow driveway. This thing turns, on a dime. You can look down, see down, you know if something is underneath your car., if you're potentially going to run over a bike or something. Vehicles are approaching and you can see them in the monitor. If there's a lot of heavy traffic, it'll let you know. I've got the garage door, that's synched with these. There's room for everybody. We have kid-zone, parent-zone and dog-zone. Oh boy! It is good for shopping. I also got the sun-roof, I love it. It's gorgeous, it's just gorgeous. You'll see lots of Odysseys at the school. Comfortable,. I get in, I just love driving. My other van, my hip would hurt a little bit or my back would hurt. It's just like driving on ice cream, it's just smooth. I noticed on our last trip, I didn't have that. It's so smooth and so nice. I've got heated seats, which, oh my God, do I love these! You don't want to stop. It's my height, my legroom, all of that got set up with me in the dealership. I can't wait to hit the road with it. When I drove off of that lot, this car was mine! Park and reverse, neutral and drive. When I'm doing highway driving, I get about 30 (mpg). This is our dream vacation car. If you're getting out of your lane it will show you, and warn you. That I love, because the car stops itself. They've got their own air conditioning and heat. I'm usually cold and they're usually hot. It keeps me more aware, it makes you drive in the middle of the lane, I love that! That's automatic stop, it just stopped. It's safer, I put on my brakes, it stopped on a dime. Say, I'm getting to close on the side, it starts to beep. And they all have their own little space, so they don't fight with each other, he's touching me, stop poking me. We don't hear that. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. It is a great car, I couldn't have asked for anything better. No matter how many miles, just the history that I have with my other Honda Odyssey, I just never had an issue with it. I had it for eight years, never had any problems with it, other than having to do your typical tires and oil changes. I had no other problems with it.